6.09. 7.09. 9.09.

Sofia Gubaidulina
complete quartets
performed by:
Royal String Quartet
/// Studio Koncertowe Polskiego Radia im. W. LutosÅ‚awskiego

Admission free
All concerts will be live streamed on the internet (click here to check on FB)

The festival will begin with a set of quartets by Sofia Gubaidulina, who celebrates her 90th birthday this year, performed by the hosts of the festival. Raised in Kazan, in the cultural melting pot of centuries-old musical tradition, the artist had links with the Catholic, Orthodox, Muslim and Judaic traditions, all of which influenced the later mystical aspect of her music. As she herself explained, she never created a work that was not a religious composition. The set of her works for string quartet, which were composed between 1971 and 2002, is an excellent example of the composer's distinctive style; the one that on the one hand has been described as the new simplicity and the new romanticism, but on the other is surprising for its combination of contrasting attitudes - austere intellectual structuralism based on numerical series, and an extremely subtle, intuitive feeling for the nuances of sound painting.