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The 2020 Kwartesencja is going to consider a breakthrough situation; transition, end and beginning. The pandemic has brought out from the depth of our consciousness a hunch that a huge change regarding climate, politics, ethics… and personal life is awaiting. A reflection of this situation can be found in the religious visions spun out by Olivier Messiaen, written in wartime captivity, and in the juvenile octets by Glier and Enescu, illustrating two attitudes: the modernist and the conservative. Krzysztof Penderecki’s passing away during the strict lockdown closed an epoch in Polish music. Perhaps Aleksander Nowak, an artist at the peak of his creative abilities, will show a path, a way out, a hope with his new piece?

As always, the Royal String Quartet has invited outstanding guests: clarinetist Andrzej Ciepliński, pianist Piotr Sałajczyk and a legend of Polish chamber music, the Silesian Quartet. We are all learning new rules, yet we don't want to lose what is most beautiful in music - a live concert (and a healthy listener), so please wear masks...

Admission free
All concerts will be live streamed on the internet (click here to check on FB)

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