20:00 Teatr Studio
Kayah & Royal String Quartet

The finale of the Royal String Quartet’s anniversary welcomes the music from the ensemble’s a gold album recorded with a pop star. The programme was created for the 2008 Kwartesencja festival, while the subtle arrangements of Wojtek Blecharz, Urszula Borkowska, Krzysztof Herdzin, Krzysztof Pszona, Bartłomiej Wąsik, Maciej Zieliński and the quartet themselves won the hearts of the audience straightaway. To this day, Kayah, the RSQ and Iwona Zasuwa have performed over 100 concerts proving that collaboration of artists who are open to mutual sensitivity easily transcends stylistic borders, broadens their means of expression and builds the lasting, the new and the beautiful.



a life-long singer and an educated pianist (obtained her diploma in 1985). Unquestioned star and a charismatic performer, blessed with one of the most recognizable voices in Poland. Her way to success was long and paved with difficulties, yet the love for music, which she can’t live without, made her not give up. Kayah performs at huge open-air shows with an audience of thousands, but adores intimate concerts too. Vocalist, composer, lyricist, music producer, TV personality, co- owner of a record label Kayax – a safe haven for original and daring artists, such as her. A versatile musician. Each of her albums attempts to tackle still another music genre, style, sensitivity. She is well known for both undisputed hits and niche music projects.