20:00 TR Warszawa
Royal String Quartet

Wojtek Blecharz - Liminal Studies
Andrzej Kwieciński - Luci Nella Notte V
Paweł Szymański - Four Pieces for String Quartet

New music: the pieces written especially for the Royal String Quartet. Wojtek Blecharz brings out the ensemble’s performer temperament, as his Liminal Studies (2014) penetrate the instrumentalist’s identity. In the subsequent movements of the cycle the musicians switch instruments or spectacularly vivisect them. In Luci Nella Notte V (2013) we can hear four quartets, with just one remaining on stage. Andrzej Kwieciński hangs time on a strand of a single sound and plays with memory out of which, as if in a spotlight, remains of the old music are brought to light: the Renaissance madrigals of Carl Gesualdo and the Baroque funeral cantata of Dietrich Buxtehude. Paweł Szymański, in his shimmering structures full of multiple reflexions, refers in his Four Pieces for String Quartet (2013) to his legendary miniature cycles written for the same instruments (one of them will be heard in concert on 29th June).